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Debit Cards

Yes, your debit card can do that, too

You've probably heard that debit cards are safer than cash. True enough - but we'd also like to take a moment to tout their versatility. Debit cards allow you to shop online and in stores worldwide. You can use them to get cash at ATMs around the corner or across the country.

  • Debit cards come with Stock Growers Bank checking accounts and replacements can be mailed or issued from an in-branch instant issue machine.
  • Contact any of our branches if you lost or damaged your card.
  • Cards can be used to make purchases online or at millions of locations worldwide.
  • You'll never pay any interest on debit card purchases.
  • Each card transaction is recorded on your Online Banking page and monthly account statement so you can easily track down specific purchases or keep tabs on spending patterns.
Shop with confidence
At Stock Growers Bank, we make protecting your finances and personal data a high priority. That's why we keep a close eye on all your debit card transactions - and also why we provide digital tools to help you control how your card is used.
  • Stock Growers Bank continuously monitors your debit card and will alert you by text, phone call or email in the event of suspected fraud. Please add the text number 96923, the phone number 800-237-8990 and to your contacts.
  • We also offer a Card Management feature that can be accessed through Mobile and Online Banking.
  • With Card Management, you can turn your card "off" if you misplace it - and back "on" when you locate it.
  • You can also limit transactions based on dollar amount, merchant type or geographic area.
  • For extra security, sign up to receive alerts on all or select transactions.
Card Management Access
  • Log in to Mobile or Online Banking.
  • Select the account that has a debit card tied to it.
  • Choose “Card Management” and select "alerts and protections."

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